Western Seminary Celebrates Rev. Dr. Milly Maturu Erema as Distinguished Graduate of 2023

On November 9th, Western Theological Seminary hosted a lovely dinner at Haworth Hotel in Holland, Michigan where Milly and many good friends celebrated her award as the seminary’s Distinguished Graduate of 2023.

After dinner, Lois Tverberg shared some of Milly’s story and accomplishments that she wrote about in the seminary’s Commons magazine. (See this link to read her amazing life story.) Because of teaching at Uganda Christian University and mentoring future pastors, Milly has had enormous influence on future pastors in Uganda. She is one of only two women who have both a Ph.D. and are ordained Anglican priests. And on top of this, she runs Kingsway Christian High School which has given hundreds of children from war-torn areas a chance at a future that is impossible without a high school education.

Then Dr. Felix Theonugraha, the president of Western Theological Seminary, gave her the award.

Everyone wanted their pictures taken with her.  🙂

And the next morning they celebrated again at Western Seminary!

Along with the award, Western Seminary invited her to be a Visiting Scholar for the fall semester, and gave her a lovely office where she did research and worked on presentations that she gave while in the US this fall. It had large windows and was right next to the atrium gathering area, allowing for many good conversations with professors and students there.

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