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Since 2008, Kingsway Christian High School has been providing secondary education in a faithful evangelical Christian setting to orphans and vulnerable youth who survived the war with the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in northern Uganda. More history here.

After nearly two decades of ongoing war, the social, economic, religious, health and educational effects on communities are still greatly felt. Survivors were left with almost nothing. Children couldn’t attend school or church for many years. Kingsway educates and nurtures children of war survivors, and more recently, children born and raised by child-mothers raped during the wars.

“Unstoppable with Christ” is the school’s motto, reflecting an earnest faith and awe for Christ who has accomplished miracles in the lives of the students. Some have gone on to attend university and get good jobs, a fate impossible for impoverished youth otherwise.

Orphans and vulnerable youth from eight districts across Uganda have graduated from Kingsway and now are shining Christ’s light in their communities. Some are teachers, policemen or business owners. Others work for water mission ministries and the United Nations. They are nurturing families and rebuilding communities destroyed by the war.

Check out the video below for an introduction to Kingsway from the founder:

Kingsway News – March 2024

2024 is a Year of Answered Prayers

In February Kingsway began a brand new academic year.  Because they are one of very few schools offering assistance to impoverished families after the pandemic shutdown closed so many schools, once again their offices were overrun by parents begging them to admit their children.

Last year they planned for 50 students and ended up with 63. This year they decided to increase their limit to 100. That meant that over break they were busy building desks, chairs and beds for the incoming students! They will likely have closer to 120 students total this year.

Working on future desks for students

Please pray that the Lord will provide teachers, food and finances for all their needs.

Girls’ Dormitory – First Floor is DONE!!!

(For more on Kingsway’s great need for a girls dorm and long-time struggle in building one, see this page.)

We are happy to say that after over 10 years of waiting, the first floor of the girls dorm is done and the girls have been able to move in. It’s exciting to see how beautiful the dorm is turning out, with solar panels that allow for abundant electricity that is not prone to outages, like most is in Uganda.

The girls helped do the last cleaning and the boys helped move in bunk beds. See this post for more pictures.  Then, there was great joy on moving day!

For more pictures of moving day festivities, see this post.

New Hope for Addressing our Water Needs

Kingsway has also had an ongoing struggle for water that became especially acute last year. Heavy rains collapsed the walls of Kingsway’s well so that it couldn’t be used. Without their own water source, every day the entire student body would walk 2 km each way to fill jerry cans from a source across town. What a lot of time to spend to just meet a basic need!

As this year begins we have new hope because our director Milly has met Ken and Shelly Watkins, the directors of Genesis Waters, a ministry in Grand Rapids, Michigan that does water projects in Africa to serve Christian outreach. Ken will be visiting Kingsway in April to assess our needs and start planning for how they can help our school. They may dig a deeper well and/or construct a rain catchment system that can collect and purify the abundant rain in our area.  Praise the LORD!!

Our Concern: Applicants Turned Away

Your ongoing monthly support allows Kingsway to transform many more lives. The school has a long list of needy applicants who they are unable to enroll. These children may lose their only opportunity to get an education.

A year ago we asked folks to sponsor students, but Milly did not bother to wait for the money to arrive. She just accepted needy children anyhow and stepped out in faith.

If you’ve ever wished you could directly help the poorest in Africa, you’ve come to the right place. 

Check out Kingsway’s Wish List

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Kingsway Students Share

Hundreds of students have attended Kingsway and have been nurtured in faith as they’ve received essential education for life’s journey. Here is where you’ll hear and see them share.

Letaa Ivan Bob

(Credit: Kari Tverberg for video editing)

Trinity Yikiisi

Here is Milly along with Trinity Yikiisi, who graduated from Kingsway in 2014.

Trinity’s father died when she was a baby and her mother had no money for school fees. Her education would have ended in the 7th grade but Milly sought her out and enrolled her at Kingsway, where she did very well. When extended relatives heard how well Trinity did, they pulled together the money for her to attend university.

Trinity has since attended university and is looking for her first job.


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