Kingsway News – June 2024

2024 is Continuing with Blessing

Kingsway students completed the first of three trimesters in May and they have now begun their second. The students are continuing to learn and grow in knowledge and faith. Are you curious to know what a students’ daily life is like? Believe it or not, wake-up time is 4 AM and math practice comes even before breakfast. We’ve posted a blog to show you what it’s like.

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Because of the generosity of Kingsway’s friends, little things are improving all the time at Kingsway Christian High School. Like the fact the girls were able to move into a dorm a couple months ago, after years of having to sleep on the floor of a classroom.

Other buildings are undergoing critical repairs right now too. As of this month, both boys and girls dorms have solar panels for electricity, as well as the teacher’s quarters. This is an enormous improvement because local electricity is expensive and unreliable. Many nights last year were spent without electricity, and without light, students cannot study and teachers cannot grade or prepare for the next day.

Kingsway now has installed 3 sets of solar panels, and they would like to install 2 more sets on two more buildings. Each set costs $1800 and includes the panels as well as the electrical components needed to convert the electricity to what is needed. Would you be interested in funding one of them?

Also, students are enjoying new sports opportunities with many fewer injuries because of a recent gift of soccer shoes and equipment. In Uganda, sports are universally loved, especially by young people. But what if kids only have crocs or flip-flops to play in? Stubbed toes, twisted ankles and bruises have been  common.

You have no idea how much the shoes were appreciated!  Read more here.

News about addressing our Water Needs

Kingsway has struggled for years to have a reliable, clean source of water. We hit a low point a few months ago when our well collapsed so that it couldn’t be used. Students currently walk 2 km each way everyday to fetch water. But we have new hope because Genesis Waters, a ministry in Grand Rapids, Michigan that does water projects in Africa to serve Christian outreach, is now helping Kingsway. In April, Ken Watkins, the founder, visited Kingsway and assessed our situation. Read more in this blog.

Girls at Kingsway’s bore hole, which gives just little water which does not smell or taste good.

Our Ongoing Concern: Applicants Turned Away

Your ongoing monthly support allows Kingsway to transform many more lives. The school has a long list of needy applicants who they are unable to enroll. These children may lose their only opportunity to get an education.

In the past we’ve asked folks to sponsor students, but Milly did not bother to wait for the money to arrive. She just accepted needy children anyhow and stepped out in faith.

If you’ve ever wished you could directly help the poorest in Africa, you’ve come to the right place. 

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