Critical Needs – January 2024

Beginning a New School Year in 2024

Kingsway’s school years follow the calendar year, rather than the fall/spring schedule of the USA and Europe. This means that the students are celebrating the end of the academic year over Christmas. The new year will bring a new class of students to Kingsway.

Because of your support, they began 2023 with a plan to return to full capacity of 50 students after having less than 20 students the previous year. When classes actually started, however, a crowd of families stormed Kingsway’s offices, begging them to admit their children too. The two-year COVID shutdown had closed many schools in Uganda permanently, and inflation caused the remaining schools to increase their fees and stop offering assistance to needy families. So Kingsway enrolled 63, trusting that the Lord would provide.

Working on future desks for students

Because of the desperate need, their plan for 2024 will be to increase enrollment up to 100.  They need to build new desks and beds for all the new students. They are working on that even now!

Please pray that the Lord will provide teachers, food and finances for all their needs.

Our Well Collapsed

After the severe drought in 2022, rainy days were very welcome in 2023. But the abundance of rain caused the walls of Kingsway’s well to collapse so that it couldn’t be used. That meant that every afternoon, the entire student body has had to walk 2 km each way to fill jerry cans from another water source. What a huge amount of time has been spent on a basic need this year!

We have been in touch with a ministry called Genesis Waters who does water projects in Africa for purposes of evangelism. Please pray with us that they can help us address this difficult situation.

Amazing worship last year!

Check out the video of our praise and worship in chapel a few months ago. We Ugandans love to dance before the Lord. What a great time!

Girls’ Dormitory – Progress so Far

The Ugandan government requires Kingsway to build a separate dormitory for girls. The dorm will have two levels, with the lower level for the girls and the upper level for administrators to live. They need about $30,000 more to finish both levels.

As of December of 2023, they have fully completed the lower lever so that the girls can move in. They plastered and painted the walls and finished the floors, and the glass was installed in all of the windows. As of January, the nearby latrines are now being built.

So when the next class of girls of 2024 comes to school, they can move in. Hooray!

 Check out this (Jan 3, 2024) blog for new pictures.

Girls dorm as of January 2024

Girls checking out their future home (July 2023)

Why is building the dormitory so critical? One reason is that it is unsafe for girls to walk from home to school each day. Young women and girls are increasingly preyed upon by boda boda (motorcycle taxi) riders and other young men who solicit sex or even rape them.

Also, the girls have been sleeping on the floor of a classroom, moving desks and chairs aside every night and then unrolling mattress pads to sleep on. The girls have no personal space, no bed of their own to sit on when they just want to think and pray. When the girls finally move into the dorm, they will be sleeping in real beds, some of them for the first time in their lives.

Milly explains the need in the video below:

School Transportation Need

What Kingsway prays for most right now is a vehicle. Right now they have no car, van or bus, so they often do errands by paying a boda-boda (a motorcyle taxi) to take them into the city. This is very dangerous – all of Milly’s family have been injured in accidents this way, some very seriously. When they need to purchase larger things they call a taxi or rent a car which is costly too. They urgently need a small car (about $10,000). 

Their current lack of vehicles greatly limits who Kingsway can enroll, because they can’t send out a van to pick up day students who live too far to walk. Yet many children live in the area, just a little too far away to walk to school.

If they had a school van, they could attract a larger group of paying students to support the many needy students who attend. It would be a strategic asset that would move Kingsway toward its goal of sustaining itself independently while helping vulnerable children. It would cost about $30,000.

Applicants Turned Away

Your ongoing monthly support allows Kingsway to transform many more lives. The school has a long list of needy applicants who they are unable to enroll. These children may lose their only opportunity to get an education.

A year ago we asked folks to sponsor students, but Milly did not bother to wait for the money to arrive. She just accepted needy children anyhow and stepped out in faith.

If you’ve ever wished you could directly help the poorest in Africa, you’ve come to the right place. 

Check out Kingsway’s Wish List

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