All Sports Day

All students participated in Sports Day on March 8 at Kingsway Christian School.  The day began with a student led prayer in which the day was dedicated to God.

The teams for this year’s event were named “The Conquerors”, dressed in red t-shirts, and “The Victor’s” dressed in yellow t-shirts.  The sports activities that students and teachers participated in included soccer, field races, javelin throw, high jump, and long jump. The male and female soccer teams had their own jerseys for the game.

The staff at Kingsway were very thankful that the students had an injury free day, due in large part to the donation of sports equipment that included cleats, shin guards, and socks.  When Milly was visiting West Michigan in the fall of 2023, she was able to take back with her the soccer equipment that had been collected by the board.

On a side note, the boys soccer team was super excited to claim a victory over a big school in the region recently, and they do not think it would have been possible without the new gear that enabled them to play their best.

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