Progress on the Girls Dormitory!

After months of prayer, planning, and preparation, we are excited to announce the progress that is being made in the construction of the girls’ dormitory! The new school year at Kingsway begins on February 6, so the girls won’t be able to move in right away, but after many hurdles, the Lord has finally opened the door for construction to begin.

An engineer is currently putting together the slabs, which will create the ceiling for the lower level of the dorm and the floor for the upper level. This takes a lot of time and expertise in preparation for pouring the slab, since this will be an essential part in the stability of the building. Meanwhile, builders have begun to dig septic tanks for the restrooms.


Right now it is the rainy season in Uganda, which can make transportation especially difficult. Trucks get stuck in the mud when they are arriving with deliveries of building materials, and this slows the work that can be done. Nevertheless, the foundation is being built, and we are rejoicing in the headway that is being made.


Please continue to lift up Kingsway Ministries in your prayers! Pray for smooth transportation of building materials, safety for workers, and sustaining grace and wisdom for Milly and her team of administrators. Also pray for all students and teachers as they prepare to return back to school.


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