Progress on Dorm – January 2024

They are now putting some final touches on the first level of the girls dorm now (January 2024). They’ve plastered the walls inside and out, finished the floors and finally installed glass in the window and door openings.

Above they are sealing around the windows of the door. The dorm has very high ceilings, windows and doors!

One other thing needs to be done – to build a dedicated latrine and bathroom next to the dorm. This goes pretty quickly.

Here they are constructing the roof for the latrine.

So this is where we are at right now with the new dorm!

They still need to apply an outer coating to the building and will do that soon.

They will also be installing some solar panels for electricity and will need to build beds for the girls too. So there are a few more things to do before the girls move in, in February.

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